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We are Curious Minds. We coach critical thinking through curiosity to allow innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership to thrive.

Unleash the power of curiosity with Curious Minds, offering personalised and targeted instruction.

About Us
We are a New Zealand-based learning platform that allows learners to follow their curiosity and develop critical thinking using sound and reliable learning models.

YPI 4 Curious Minds focuses on the significance of critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and cognitive development using a revolutionary educational support system designed to give parents, educators, and learners access to the New Zealand Curriculum and (an inquiry model) in easy-to-access language.

Our YPI platform provides an effortless and intelligent approach to self-directed learning. It creates authentic pathways by allowing learners to follow their curiosity, develop critical thinking, and open doors for innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership to thrive. 

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We Coach Critical Thinking Through Curiosity and allow free-flow navigation through the New Zealand Curriculum, providing a 'fit-for-purpose' approach.

Contact us

Contact us
Email: tala@curiousminds.ac.nz
Cell: 022 088 2876