Welcome, adventurer! What wondrous questions do you bring today?

We are Curious Minds. We coach critical thinking through curiosity to allow innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership to thrive.

Unleash the power of curiosity with Curious Minds, offering personalised and targeted instruction.

Become key collaborators in creating rich learning opportunities that meet learners' needs.

We allow students to follow their curiosities and then wrap the curriculum around it.

We are in the perfect time and place to provide an effortless and intelligent approach to self-directed learning.

About Us

YPI 4 Curious Minds focuses on the significance of children's critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and cognitive development using a revolutionary educational support system designed to give parents, educators, and learners access to the New Zealand Curriculum in child speak.

The platform provides an effortless and intelligent approach to self-directed learning. It creates authentic pathways by allowing learners to follow their curiosity, build critical thinking, and open doors for innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership to thrive. 

AI provides incredible tools to improve work outcomes.  Still, it lacks true critical thinking capabilities due to its inability to possess personal experience and emotional consciousness.  Critical thinking is a process by which the human experience, engaged mind, body and soul, become entwined to create unimagined possibilities.

YPI 4 Curious Minds provides a framework to enhance critical thinking abilities and navigate challenges more analytically and thoughtfully through curiosity. 

                            It's awesome!   


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