Welcome to Curious Minds

Andrea Henderson, July 2020

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Hello and welcome to the first of Curious Minds blog!

I don't like blogs. I don't read them, I certainly don't write them.  So, what the heck am I doing here?! 

When you find a cause or reason that entices or draws you to do things you previously did not consider; you are probably on quite an adventure!

That is the case for me. Eight months ago serendipity brought three quite different women, with very different backgrounds together; with me being one of them. Differences aside, we share some very strong similarities which alongside our differences, allow us to harmonise and complement each other very well as a team.

And we became a team, founding members of Curious Minds; a business providing a catalyst for change in education; interest and experience in Education/love for young people/dissatisfaction with the status quo, being some of our similarities!

The catalyst for change we offer is a product designed and developed by one of the founding members. However, the product alone is not the change we hope to facilitate. Our product allows for personalised learning and the development of student efficacy in ways not previously possible.  Another similarity the 3 of us women have is the understanding that learning is a life long journey. Coupled with the recognised importance and value we each continue to give of personalised learning and efficacy as lifelong journeys for ourselves!

Our desire for things to be simpler for teachers, for students to have pathways to discover and develop who they are as individuals, drives each member of our team and we hope that it is a desire that connects with you and others.

Change is not a single cell operation, we need and want others to understand, connect and relate with us; not so that our business is a success (although when you hear our next step, bigger plans, ideas and dreams; we think you'll want that too!) but so that change, which we know is a constant, is easier to keep up with and less difficult to accept. So that we don't only manage to keep that momentum but we can actually embrace it, anticipate and create it together! My hope is that our blog will stimulate conversation and connection. We have much to learn from each other in our own journeys of discovering our best selves!

Arohanui, Andrea