Introducing Wonder - The Learning Journey

Tala & Lissie, October 2020

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Calling all NZ education innovators and pioneers of future inquiry to join us in WONDER...

With 2020 behind us we look forward to 2021 with positivity, anticipation, embracing what we have learned. With this in mind, we at Curious Minds, have been busy and continue to ride the wave of change, and that's why we're thrilled to introduce you to WONDER, an inquiry model for the future!


WONDER - The Learning Journey!

THIS is what WONDER can do! 

We at Curious Minds built a revolutionary platform, YouPlanIt, from the ground up, every decision driven with a desire to create change in education for the better. Our platform gives students the ability to follow their curiosity while easily tracking their progress against the New Zealand Curriculum requirements, taking the stress out of teaching, and the boredom out of learning!

At the heart of YouPlanIt is WONDER...

Take a look at our student explanation video below, for a small glimpse!


WONDER brings to life the faces of intelligence,


~ enables collaboration and student ownership of learning
~ empowers authenticity, personal expression, and creativity
~ builds cognitive flexibility and communication skills

~ creates a connection between the head and the heart 
~ places creativity and curiosity at the heart of learning
~ equips students with 21st century skills and competencies to live life well -
right now

And of course, all the other important skills such as
~ Academic rigor and flexible assessment across subjects
Active exploration and connecting with experts
~ Places creativity and curiosity at the heart of learning

~ and so much more!

  So, if you're interested in finding out more about how WONDER - an inquiry model for the future, might work for your school, teachers, students, and community register your interest HERE and we will keep you up to date about our next webinars. Or, fill out this form and we can reach out to personally by phone or by Google Meet.

We look forward to connecting with you!

You can register your interest HERE.

We'll offer you a free trial of WONDER - The Learning Journey for you and your students so you can start your 2021 with a bang!

There’s no time like the present, so join us on our webinars to learn more!

If you know of any educators who would be interested in WONDER, please share our blog with them! 

Noho ora mai!

Tala, Lissie

& the Curious Minds Team