Hey there, curious mind! Prepare to unlock the secrets of the universe together.

              YouPlanIt - NZ Curriculum Tool for Change

Embracing the good old Kiwi spirit of innovation, we worked to figure out a way to mobilise parents, teachers, students and the community to enter a learning space that understood the vision and aspiration of a future learning environment where learning is shared, collaborative, and meaningful. 

We wanted our platform to understand the complexity of student-led learning and make it manageable and structured enough so that anyone could be involved in it. 

The entire platform is designed as a one-stop-shop where all learning can be co-constructed from concept to planning, marking and reporting. 

"...the platform is a structure by which curiosity can thrive - you don't need to be online or at the computer all the time. It's just a tool for hanging things on, like a wardrobe does for your clothes" Well, sort of; it does much more than that!!

Like our Learning Coaches?
Our learning coaches are not just teachers but dedicated professionals who listen, facilitate, and empower. They guide our children in discovering their voices and understanding themselves through their passions and actions. By leveraging the NZ Curriculum as a communication tool, our coaches help develop key competencies in a natural and engaging way.

Ultimately, our learning coaches expertly integrate the NZ Curriculum subjects to enrich academic learning within an environment fueled by curiosity and exploration.

Additionally, our coaches connect students with community experts to expand their knowledge and offer valuable insights and real-world experiences.

Included are powerful features that are cornerstones to critical thinking and support our children in finding opportunities for learning in our educational system that may never have been thought of before.  

With a firm foundation and understanding of the Localised Curriculum, this platform can seamlessly weave curiosity, critical thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills into one interwoven cord of rich learning opportunities deeply rooted in a vision that children are at the centre of learning.

It is the real deal for mobilising student-led learning and allows students to explore their curiosities and take ownership of their education in a revolutionary way. 

At our core, we believe in empowering learners to delve into what matters most to them. Together, we've crafted a sustainable educational approach that encourages children to follow their curiosity, nurture critical thinking, and foster creativity, innovation, and leadership skills.