YouPlanIt is an online learning platform that is designed specifically to lessen a teacher's time spent on planning and allow a sliding approach for students to engage with and be responsible for their learning.

The platform uses the NZ Curriculum as the basis for marking rubrics and measuring progress. It allows for an individual's learning rhythm in a way that works best for them.

It is designed to make learning visible, traceable, and responsive to the needs and goals of the student. It permits a sliding approach to learning which allows movement around the quantity of prescribed teaching and student-driven learning. There are times when a single approach or a combination of both, works best for what is most suited at any given stage or moment.

The platform allows teachers to quickly and easily build a plan for a student (singular or group) within a range of subject areas in the platform (no subject or learning area is unable to be captured).  If the student has the capacity, they can develop their own learning plan, with due dates, and specific learning goals within the platform, also. 

The student is able to communicate within the platform with their teacher, and the teacher is able to view students' work as they progress through the learning plan. The student's work is transparent to the teacher at all stages.

There is only so much talking and explaining about the platform we can do. There is nothing else similar to YPI on the market, so understanding what it can do and how it works really needs to be seen and played with. If you are interested in doing so, let us know!


YouPlanIt helps both students and teachers excel in a student-driven learning environment.

YouPlanIt embraces the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi to protect the voice of our tamariki, whānau, iwi, hapū, and support them along the sacred path of the human spirit and authenticity. YouPlanIt embraces all cultures with pride and respect without being interfered with by predetermined outcomes. YPI encourages the representation of diversity expressed through native language, dance, text, artefacts or in ways unique to that group to enable authenticity and the human spirit to shine.

Rangatiratanga – what gives mana? Rangatiratanga gives our learners self-determination and authority over their learning, it builds and grows agency and retains who they are.

We recognise that Cultural Identity is fundamental for authentic connection with self and others. A springboard to success, well-being and a sense of belonging. Without it, we continue the path of 'lost potential' of vibrant souls that come through our doors.

We view the local curriculum design as a pathway for diversity to shine and provide rich shared learning opportunities that celebrate all cultures, beliefs, gender, sexuality and ability. YPI believe it is impossible to lay this responsibility on our teachers to design a curriculum that meets all these needs. In fact, by doing so, we remain entrenched in a colonialist way of learning.

YPI empower whānau, ākonga, iwi and hapū to co-create a learning journey that fits them. This places the teacher in a new role as a learning coach that develops the skills and academic disciplines necessary to communicate their world.

The purpose of learning becomes defined by how we perceive ourselves within our world.

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